Discipleship + Mobile = MoBible

MoBible is a group discipleship tool that can run on any mobile phone

Throughout Africa there are movements springing up. Whole communities are coming to Jesus and gathering in small groups to worship Him. The new-found faith of these communities is built on discovering the truth and obeying it. These movements are spreading like wildfire from person to person, tribe to tribe.


Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is the method used to help facilitate these communities of pre-believers and new believers in the discipleship of their sphere of influence.


This movement is multiplying so rapidly that the demand for teachers and trainers is far greater than the supply.


Therefore many Africans are eager to learn about and follow Jesus, but don’t yet know how. At the same time, there are more mobile phones in Africa than there are bibles.


MoBible addresses these two issues with one solution: a mobile phone service that guides step-by-step bible studies focussed on discovering truth and putting it into practice.


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Nosiviwe Sokaya

I love my phone! It’s like a mobile office that I use to send emails, do banking, update Facebook and even listen to music! It helps me stay in touch with clients, friends, and family while I’m on the move.

Nosiviwe Sokaya

Community-based NPO Worker

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Sbusiso Jali

In the communities we serve, we often gather small groups of non-believers who eventually become believers. These people come from rural villages and usually have a low standard of education. Using MoBible will help to create an easy platform for them to facilitate groups. Having something to refer to gives them confidence as they lead their family and friends into discipleship.

Sbusiso Jali

Disciple Maker, Cape Town

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Maureen Menard

Simple inductive bible studies that can be reproduced long after outreach teams leave are a key to seeing long lasting fruit. Any tool that makes these easier to plant and continue to multiply is invaluable to outreach efforts in southern africa.

Maureen Menard

Vice President University of the Nations, YWAM

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MoBible is every church planters dream! It's accessible to the
ordinary person on the street, it's Bible-based, and it's discipleship and obedience oriented. What more could one ask for a fantastic tool? Floyd McClung

Floyd McClung

Lead Elder, All Nations Cape Town


Make MoBible happen


What if you could give every person in Africa the opportunity to discover Jesus through studying the Bible and putting it into practise? By giving to MoBible, you can help us do just that.


This is a unique moment in history, never before has mobile technology been so readily available in so many places, from the plains of the kalahari to the centre of Lagos, from the pyramids in Egypt to the shores of South Africa.


With your support, we can continue to help resource movements of Jesus followers throughout Africa, facilitating transformation of communities using technology that exists everywhere.

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